The PRICE for service

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As an Entrepreneur, I have noticed that most clients request a service with a mindset that is ready to win. Most of my clients require online presence and trust me to make it work, fair enough.

Service Provider – Offers a solution to your business and makes it easy for you to market it.

Client – It’s important to note that your price is not only what you pay to your service provider, you also have a price to pay in terms of making sure your business stands out.

E.g A web designer will design a good, user-friendly website with all your requirements, your job is to make sure that the world knows about your website and what it does.

This is where Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing meet.

Tips to keep your business going and relevant

  • Know what you aim to achieve with your business
  • Be prepared to work
  • Understand what your service provider is offering / the solution to your business
  • Ask all the relevant questions and be upfront about your targeted market (This helps a designer to understand the best online presence for your clients)
  • Don’t relax and expect your website to work without you playing a role in marketing it (#priceforservice)

You have more responsibilities and cannot focus on marketing your website after it’s completed?#priceforservice

  • Prepare to pay for maintainance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Management System
  • Engagements and Call to action

*Hope this will help you.

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