#Bossup GO DIGITAL with Digital Marketing Strategies

While others are worrying about what they didn’t accomplish in 2020 you have enough time to plan your digital marketing strategy for 2021.
Preparation followed by a calculated plan and action will get you the results of your goal. A boss is a leader that takes action and puts in the work, for your business /company to strive you need to put in the work.
Do you prefer working hard or working smart?

Let me guess working smart. Building a digital marketing strategy makes your work easier.

What are those strategies?

Golden Circle model Why, How and What

  • Know your Why in business – knowing your why will breakdown the planning process. Now the followed question is what problem are you solving in your business, this makes your work easy by targeting the right audience.
  • Goal Setting – Having a goal makes your work easier, in digital marketing is not bad to have a short term and long term goal. This helps you to understand what your focus should be on or who your target market should be. Be clear about the following:
    • AUDIENCE retention
    • Return on investment
    • Relationships and Trust
  • Building an audience is important – Why? Without audience, whatever you doing is pointless. Defining audience grows your business and builds relationships.
    • E. g. You can’t market to everyone relevance is key – speak my language, we will work well together.
    • If you are a beauty business – show me makeup and hair
    • If you are a Photography business – show me nice pictures
    • If you are a Design business – show me the logo, website, posters colours you used, typography. Relevance.
  • Plan your content – you need a plan else your audience will loose you or not notice you.
  • Track your progress – you don’t want to come up with strategies that bring no results, Track and see what changed since you started.